• Chairman and CEO of Milestone Scientific. Built Milestone into a substantial publicly traded U.S. company (NYSE MKT listed company).
  • Developed a revolutionary computer controlled system that delivers injections with scientific precision.
  • Formed Milestone Medical to develop new medical applications for Milestone Scientific technology. Listed Milestone Medical on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • Before joining Milestone in 1991, was principal owner and CEO of U.S. Asian Consulting Group, a consulting group specializing in distressed and turnaround situations. Extensive finance and operating management experience with companies worldwide.
  • CEO of Perma-Fix Environmental Services (NASDAQ listed company) a leading provider of nuclear and mixed waste management services.
  • Member of the board of subsidiary in Poland, Perma-Fix Medical. Company’s technology eliminates need for uranium to produce medical isotopes. Listed Perma-Fix Medical on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • Before joining Perma-Fix was Senior Vice President of USPCI, a large waste management company.
  • Founded PPM, a hazardous waste management company. Sold PPM to USPCI.
  • Served as a Regional Administrator for U.S. Department of Energy.
  • PhD and MS in Chemistry from the University of Michigan.
  • Managing Partner of Juniper Capital.
  • An activist investor in distressed and out of favor companies with attractive valuations.
  • Extensive experience in repositioning and restructuring troubled companies.
  • Served on the Boards of numerous public and private companies.
  • Chaired audit and compensation committees of public and private boards.
  • Managing partner of III Dune Ltd.
  • Serves on the boards of IMH Financial Corporation and Salurco Health Solutions.
  • Member of the Board of Governors of Cedars Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles.
  • Accomplished entrepreneurial operations executive with a keen business sense for emerging products and services that require innovative introduction, unconventional selling and consumer shifts. A leader in Product Realization, having assisted top tier Fortune 500 companies think through, target and realize their competitive advantage through Product Development.
  • Launched in excess of $1.5 billion USD of products into global marketplace.
  • 2005 Finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • Extensive in-country global experience in both China & India.
  • Wrote the Forward for the book “How to Win in China”.
  • Secured several million dollars in investments from strategic partners like Foxconn and Nokia-Siemens.