Quark Ventures focuses on the financing and oversight of clinical trials for NASDAQ and NYSE listed life sciences companies.

Quark and its partners have operated in Poland for over 10 years and have secured hundreds of millions of dollars in financing for its clients and portfolio companies.

Quark has direct relationships with Poland’s leading medical universities, teaching hospitals and research institutes. With over 50 professionals on the ground in Poland, Quark is equipped to take full advantage of the clinical excellence and cost efficiencies of the Polish medical system. Quark clinical trials conform to rigorous FDA and European Union standards.

A number of major international pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical trials in Poland. Poland is ranked first in Central and Eastern Europe and tenth globally in number of clinical trial sites. A large population and centralized medical facilities make aggregating patient populations for clinical trials rapid and efficient.

The FDA is familiar with Poland and its major research facilities. The most significant difference between performing clinical trials in Poland rather than the United States is that costs tend to be somewhat lower in Poland.